Scottish Wealth and Jobs

Estimates indicate an increase of 57,000 jobs in the Edinburgh City Region by 2030, 60% of these within the City of Edinburgh itself. Our Blueprint will seek to accommodate this growth, making it easier for people in Edinburgh to commute to Midlothian and the Scottish Borders, maximising the two-way flow the Borders Railway will create, widening the labour catchment and making it easier for businesses to recruit. We will continue to develop our work to create a vibrant economy providing access to development land, skilled people and capital. 

We want to grow our businesses and the number of higher value and better paid jobs they provide.

The investment in railway infrastructure will make Midlothian and the Scottish Borders better locations for businesses to invest. Now we need to respond with a level of support that incentivises growth in more productive business activity, and capitalises on the advantage we have in tourism and food and drink production. Our overall aim is to increase the proportion of growth sector activity, bringing it closer to Edinburgh levels. 24,000 people a day commute to Edinburgh from Midlothian and the Scottish Borders.

The railway coming to the Borders provides the College with the opportunity to offer excellent skills and training opportunities to a wider market, and also allows us to deliver additional skills to support the business growth and economic developments which will follow the arrival of the train.

Liz McIntyre

Principal and Chief Executive, Borders College

Incentivising Business Growth

Combined with the roll-out of fibre-optic high speed broadband and improvements through Digital Scotland, and boosted by inward investment incentives through the new assisted area location in the Railway Corridor area, this part of Scotland will be even more attractive as a location in which to work and invest – a 21st century business destination.

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