Website upgrade includes new map feature

To coincide with the start of the main works, we’ve updated the project website. The new content includes a detail map feature which allows you to view plans for each section of the route.


You can now view up to 76 drawings for all 30 miles of railway track making up the Borders Railway under the ‘maps & plans’ section.  An interactive map also allows you to pin-point where station works are taking place, as well as other works, including bridge construction.


The ‘our journey’ section now includes the most up to date news stories with imagery. This will be updated as progress of the construction work continues and we will be ensuring that all key milestone stories are posted here.


If you have questions about the updates, or the line drawings to understand them better, please get in touch with us.


Further updates will be made throughout the project, with new sections added, as well as regular news stories about the latest construction activity.


We are also always happy to hear your thoughts, and if you would like to see something on the site, or have suggestions on how we could make it more user friendly, please let us know.