Vegetation works get underway along Borders Railway

Vegetation management works for the Borders Railway are now underway along the route.

Prior to the works starting, Network Rail carried out an ecological survey to ensure that any protected species or nesting birds were identified and that appropriate methods of working were put into place to help minimise disruption to the local habitat.

The works will see the removal of some trees and bushes, followed by the installation of line-side fencing, to enable a safe corridor for the trains to run through once operational in September 2015. The line-side fencing is designed to prevent trespassers onto the tracks.

Hugh Wark, project director, Network Rail, said: “The vegetation works are essential to enable the new railway line to operate safely. Line-side vegetation can often obscure signals, get blown onto the tracks, or be dangerous to our track maintenance teams. The removal of flora therefore helps to minimise these risks.

“We are committed to protecting the local habitat and, where possible, logs and branches will either be left to create a safe habitat for wildlife or chipped and spread evenly at the side of the track.

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused to nearby residents while these essential works are underway.”

Once the line is operational, Network Rail’s maintenance team will periodically undertake vegetation works to maintain a safe corridor for the trains to run.

Should anyone wish to contact the project team about these works, please email via or call on 0845 604 4146. You can also visit for further information.