Temporary Carriageway to Open on City Bypass for Borders Railway

By 20 September motorists using the Edinburgh City Bypass will be diverted to a temporary new road to allow the next phase of the Borders Railway construction to take place. 

In Order To Allow For The Construction Of The Borders Railway , A Temporary Dual Carriageway Has Been Constructed Adjacent To The Existing A720 Edinburgh City Bypass.

In order to allow for the construction of the Borders Railway, a temporary dual carriageway has been constructed adjacent to the existing A720 Edinburgh City Bypass. 

The temporary dual carriageway has been designed to provide four lanes of traffic, maintaining the existing capacity of the A720.

Ahead of motorists being transferred to the new carriageway, which only affects those travelling between Sheriffhall and the A1 junction, a number of off-peak lane closures of the existing bypass are required to allow the team to align the new piece of road with the existing route.

Works will start on Thursday 5 September and finish on Thursday 19 September. The four lane diversion will be fully operational by Friday 20 September.

Once the temporary road is in operation, it will allow the Borders Railway team to create a new bridge under the bypass safely, and without disruption to a busy road.

The lane closures (off-peak hours) will include:

Phase 1: 5 Sept – 8 Sept 2013 – Eastbound carriageway closure (diversion route in place)

Phase 2: 9 Sept – 11 Sept 2013 – one lane of Eastbound traffic and one lane of Westbound traffic (no diversion required)

Phase 3: 12 Sept – 15 Sept 2013 –Westbound carriageway closure (diversion route in place)

Phase 4: 16 Sept – 19 Sept 2013 – Various off-peak single lane closures to complete the full transfer (no diversion required)

During phase 1 and phase 3, carriageway closures will be diverted through Millerhill Road and Old Craighall Road.

Off-peak works from Sunday –Thursday will operate from 1930hrs to 0630hrs, while those on a Friday will operate from 1930hrs to 1100hrs and on a Saturday from 1930hrs to 1200hrs.

Hugh Wark, Project Director, Network Rail, said: 

“Work to create a temporary diversion route alongside the A720 city bypass is almost complete, which will allow the Borders Railway to excavate through the bypass.

“Traffic will be moved across in phases to the temporary road through a series of off-peak lane closures starting on Thursday 5 September.  All traffic will be transferred to the temporary four lane road alignment by 20 September.

“Network Rail and its main contractor, BAM, have been working closely with Transport Scotland, Midlothian Council and the emergency services to ensure a smooth transition to the temporary road alignment.

“As the temporary road alignment still has four lanes it is anticipated that the impact on traffic will be minimal.

“A series of adverts will run in advance of the transition to notify road users of the temporary diversion.”

A 40mph speed limit will be in place over the length of the temporary route for the safety of road users, while the temporary road is expected to be removed in May 2014, when bridge work under the bypass is completed.