Telling Midlothian tales about the Borders Railway

An author from Roslin has released a book comprising tales of the recently re-opened Borders Railway.

Bruce Ball’s book The Spirit of the Borders Railway was released on May 30 and gives a local slant, featuring interviews with people from Midlothian. Bruce himself has a connection with the line, having been given special permission to take a stroll with his wife Louise along Lothianbridge Viaduct in 2013, 28 years after a failed marriage proposal there due to a fence blocking them.

Speaking about why he wrote this book, Bruce said: “It’s mainly because I have spent so much time looking at the route and taking lots of photographs of it, and I didn’t know what else to do with all this information I had on it.“It was great to write it. I have written other books before but this came more naturally. Just telling stories about the line – mine and other people’s. I interviewed train drivers, farmers along the line and people involved in the construction.

“I was very lucky to get a golden ticket and had a great day which I will never forget.

“I think people should buy the book because they will enjoy the story of something that was lost but has come back and the potential to build on that success. There are lots of quirky stories and observations in there.

“Some readers have said that having read it they wanted to get back on the train. I’ve had pretty positive feedback.”

The Spirit of the Borders Railway is out now, priced £9.95 (£12 with postage and packaging). Email to order a copy.