Spotlight on Stow

Nestled in the heart of the Scottish Borders, Stow sits between Fountainhall and Galashiels. With a history of farming up until the eighteen century, the industrial revolution saw the community become a hub for spinning and weaving. Once the Borders Railway opens, the community will once again be transformed when it will play a key role in helping to connect rural Borders communities with Scotland’s capital city and beyond.

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As the team work towards the completion of the railway, progress at Stow continues apace. Earth works started three months ahead of schedule in August, thanks to cooperation with the local community, and so far 20,000 tonnes of earth have been excavated. It is expected that these works will last until the end of this year.

The last few months has also seen the start of drainage and utility works. Construction of the station is expected to begin in August 2014.

Stow also acts as an access point for the central and south construction teams, so it is a real hub of activity in allowing the teams to make headway with preparing the land for the new line.

Stow Primary School sits directly beside where the new railway will operate and therefore plays a key role as part of the team’s engagement to update the community on progress of the project. So far, this has seen the team work with staff to ensure a robust sound barrier has been erected to help minimise disruption to the school during term time. A number of class projects are also in the pipeline. These include an art project to decorate the newly built sound barrier, as well as teaching pupils about the engineering and construction of bridges. More on this soon!