Spotlight on Galashiels

On completion of the project, Galashiels will benefit from a new railway station giving residents the opportunity to travel by train to Midlothian or all the way through to Edinburgh. Furthermore, adjacent to the new station on Stirling Street, there will be a Transport Interchange linking the new railway to a new bus station.  The three-storey interchange will also include retail outlets, a café and toilets as well as a car park.

The interchange is part of a wider plan to remove through-traffic from the town centre to make life better for businesses, shoppers and residents.  It will also give residents and visitors access to rail and bus service links to the Scottish Borders and further afield in one place.

Galashiels will see some major changes in the coming months and years ahead of the opening of the Borders Railway.  Changes to road layouts, as part of the construction of the railway, will include several new road bridges in the town as well as closing Plumtreehall Brae to through traffic, with a pedestrian link retained.  Diversions and changes to the Black Path will also come into force as construction gets underway.  Replacement sections of path will be provided at several locations.

Understandably it may take some time for residents to adjust to the new routes and road layouts as well as any temporary diversions but we hope that, through regular and detailed communication, residents will be able to overcome these initial difficulties more easily and look forward to the long-term benefits the project will bring.

Station -plan