Project Update - November 2013

With around 85% of the ground works complete in the North section, and well underway in the Central and South sections, the focus of the project has shifted to structures, large and small. Construction of some of the biggest structures along the railway is now underway including the bridges at Gore Glen, the Edinburgh City Bypass and the Hardengreen roundabout.  

Sheriffhall With Roof 2

At the Edinburgh City Bypass, forty-eight 22 tonne wall panels and twenty-four 66 tonne roof panels will be put in place to create a bridge for the railway to pass under the dual carriageway.

Work also continues apace on the North and South bridge supports and central pier for the Hardengreen Viaduct. The installation of two major cross-beams will be a major milestone for the team in the coming months. 

The upgrading of the Lothianbridge Viaduct is also continuing including masonry repairs and the installation of a handrail along the length of the viaduct.

Meanwhile, bridging the A7 at Gore Glen, fifteen large pre cast beams will be hoisted into place over the weekend of 8-10th November, capping months of preparation work.

The necessary traffic diversions for the key construction work at Gore Glen and the Lothianbridge Viaduct, to prevent any risk to road users, will be put in place and have been communicated to allow people to plan their journeys appropriately. More information can be found here.

Gore Glen - Project Update - GALLERY

All along the A7, masonry work, metal works and grit blasting of a number of structures, including the smaller iron hog-back railway bridges, is progressing well and will soon allow for the railway track bed to be laid.

The restoration of the Bowshank Tunnel continues with engineers working to lower the floor of the tunnel to give the required clearance for trains. There will also be concrete spraying to seal the tunnels walls and ceiling to complete this element of the project. Ecologists have continued to monitor the tunnel to prevent wildlife, including bats, re-entering it.

Outwith the work on the railway structures, work is underway with slope stabilisation, gabion baskets, drainage works, utility works and road construction, including the creation of a new bridge and access road providing safer and easier access for the residents of Heriot.

As the winter draws in and the ground becomes harder, work on the railway structures, old and new, is set to increase.