Project Update - March

There is now just three months to go until the construction of the Borders Railway comes to an end and driver training begins. Tickets for the first planned passenger services on 6 September will be available from 14 June via ticket providers; further details will be announced in due course.

Meanwhile, on 17 March, a ScotRail train with a specially designed livery which depicts key attractions along the Borders Railway line was unveiled to promote the new route throughout the country. It will be making its way between Scotland’s seven cities over the coming weeks, so keep a look out!

Following the completion of rail installation in February, stress testing, welding and stabilisation of the rails has been taking place.  These activities stretch and straighten out the rails to create a smooth line. Top ballast continues to be laid and tampered to keep the track in place.

Construction on all the new stations on the railway is progressing well.  Completing the platforms, car parks and access roads are the current focus for the team. 

To make the route fit for active use the railway corridor has to be secured.  Permanent fencing is being installed along the route to restrict access to the railway.  This will be completed before the railway becomes fully operational.

The communication masts have now all been installed along the route and the signalling system is now up and running and currently being tested.

Ongoing vegetation management is being undertaken along the route to prevent heavy leaf fall and remove any overhanging trees on the railway. This will also help reduce risk to train drivers and prevent obstructions and future disruption to train services.

With the route almost complete the Network Rail asset management and maintenance teams, who will be responsible for the day to day maintenance when the line is completed in June, are now on site familiarising themselves with the new line and highlighting any minor finishing works.

The final major road works are expected to be completed in the coming weeks, with the re-opening of the A6106 which connects Millerhill with the Sheriffhall roundabout at the end of the month. 

Although the highly visible works are now complete there is still a large amount of work to do before the line is complete and passenger trains can return.

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