Project Update: April


April will mark a major milestone for the Borders Railway Project as we move from delivering advance works to starting on the main works. The main construction focus begins with earth works, a highly significant element of the Borders Railway project, and one which will have considerable impact on residents up and down the line. 

Moving earth in preparation for future construction activity will begin in several locations along the route over the next two to three months.  The earth works are required to develop the formation of the railway, to define cuttings and embankments and to prepare locations for station facilities.

Residents of Eskbank and Newtongrange will also see more mining remediation activity this month.  Mining remediation involves filling in or stabilising the ground ahead of construction work beginning.

If you have any queries about the activity we are undertaking you can do so using one of the following means:



Tel:  0845 604 4146

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