Midlothian Paths Close to Make Way for Railway

Paths following the former Waverley Railway route through Midlothian will close later this month to make way for the construction of the Borders Railway. Closure of the route between Sheriffhall and Gorebridge will begin on Friday 15th February.

The closure of the path will be carried out in sections, starting at Sheriffhall and working towards Gorebridge. The path will be fenced off to allow site clearance and earth works to begin in March.

The path will be completely closed by Monday 25th February.

Although the Black Path will be closed, routes which cross it will remain open where possible, otherwise alternative paths have been provided by Midlothian Council and directions will be provided to these.

A number of key pedestrian routes affected by the railway corridor will also be maintained until new bridges are constructed. In particular crossings will be maintained in Newtongrange linking the town centre to Old Star/Victoria Road estate, adjacent to Edinburgh College, linking up the national cycle route and some of the paths at Gore Glen Country Park.

Over the next few days, signs will be placed along the Black Path to inform local residents of the closure and identify alternative routes where necessary.

Craig Bowman, Communications Manager for the Borders Railway project said:

“For many people the closure of this path will be the first tangible evidence that construction work is about to begin.  We know the route is currently well used by walkers and cyclists and we are working with the local Council, Sustrans and others to provide clear directions to the alternative routes which were agreed as part of the Parliamentary process for the railway and are now largely in place.”