Meet the Buyer event boosts sales along the Border Railway

The Borders Railway More Connected and Connect Local sponsored event, #MTB17,  which allowed small food and drink producers along the Borders Railway corridor to showcased the best of the area’s cuisine to a host of local buyers has already paid dividends.

The event, held at The Balmoral - a Rocco Forte Hotel - in Edinburgh on the 13 June has resulted in many of the suppliers winning new business

One such company is Tempest Brewery who now has its beers on sale at the prestigious Harvey Nichols and Broughton Ales are now in advanced discussions with two major customers regarding stocking their beers.

Both are customers that they haven't previously traded with, and the value of the business would be in excess of £ 15k per annum.

Shibui leaf tea is now being stocked in Seasons Bistro in the Borders as a direct result of the event and Larpig Valley generated new sales and contacts and also resulted in collaboration with the Balmoral to produce a new recipe.

Kevin Sutherland created a recipe using the Laprig Valley Bramley apple juice which has since generated coverage in both the Herald and Daily Record. New contracts include Seasons Bistro in Melrose and Teviot Wines in Hawick.

Eteaket has been very happy with the outcome from the event too, generating a significant number of leads which seem very promising. Ginerosity said they had “a terrific response” and were highly encouraged by people’s reactions to their gin. They have had direct orders from business’ that were present, and are in the process of setting up a meeting with a high profile potential new client.  

Ginerosity commented: “we have enjoyed a big increase in wholesale sales, with our distributors all increasing size or regularity of orders, in the wake of the event. We’ve also experienced big drive in on-trade too.”