Local business to benefit from digital advice

Midlothian and Scottish Borders-based tourism businesses are set to harness the power of digital at an interactive event next week (Tuesday, 20 February).

Designed to help firms better engage with today’s digitally-savvy visitors the event, hosted by the Midlothian and Borders Tourism Action Group (MBTAG), will include speakers from across Scotland’s digital and tourism industries.

The ‘Digital & Data Tourism Event’ is the latest in a series of local events introduced by MBTAG to ensure businesses have the support they need to innovate and respond to changing consumer behaviour and digital tourism trends.


Running from 9am-1pm at Dalhousie Castle in Midlothian, the event will involve a combination of networking, talks from industry leaders and an overview of MBTAG’s master plan for 2018.

Fergus Watson, business tourism advisor at MBTAG said: “Tourism is obviously a huge contributor to the Scottish economy and we wanted to make sure that businesses in the Scottish Borders and Midlothian are doing everything possible to attract visitors and grow.

“Advances in digital technology have been game changers in terms of how businesses promote themselves. We want to make sure that we are supporting local businesses by providing education and guidance which will allow them to reach audiences in ways that they may not have done previously.” Events are planned throughout the year, and details for June and October’s scheduled activity can be found on the MBTAG website. To sign up for February’s Digital and Data Tourism Event, visit https://www.mbtag.uk