Line of route survey results

In April 2012 an independent survey of residents along the line of route was undertaken by TNS on behalf of Network Rail.  We conducted the research so that we have a better understanding of the views of the community and so that we understand how best to communicate with the wider public.

The research results are very positive and show a great deal of interest in the Borders Railway and an eagerness to see the project delivered. Of the 1,000 interviews which took place, 82 per cent of the people living near the route of the Borders Railway believe that the new line will benefit them or their local community.

However, there are also some issues we have identified which we will need to address. For example, 27% of people in the wider community do not realise that the new service will run all the way from Tweedbank to Edinburgh without the need to change trains. Awareness about the location of stations also needs to be improved, so we will look to develop local knowledge through our communications.

Other findings from the survey:

  • 63% of those living along the route say they are likely to use the Borders Railway
  • 71% of those polled say they are most likely to use the line for leisure purposes
  • 15% say they will use it for the daily commute to work