Essential communications equipment installed along Borders Railway route

A programme of work to install a network of communications masts, which will allow the train drivers to talk to signallers, controllers and other railway managers, is now underway along the new Borders Railway route.

The hi-tech communications equipment is a very important part of a modern, safe railway, improving the speed at which important information can be relayed to railway staff.  This communications system builds upon the other safety measures being implemented as part of the project.

Commenting on the installation, Hugh Wark, project director, Network Rail, said:

“The technology behind the system is called GSM-R and provides a digitally secure method for our train drivers to talk to signallers and controllers so that future passengers can travel safely along the new Borders Railway.

“The installation of the equipment is another sign that we are moving closer to a fully operational railway.”

The GSM-R network for the Borders Railway will be implemented using dedicated masts, or ‘base stations’, close to the railway.

Masts are being installed at 15 locations along the route.  The positioning of the masts has been determined by optimum operational effectiveness following detailed signal strength testing, a visual assessment and in conjunction with the relevant local authorities.

If anyone would like more information about the installation of the masts, please contact a member of the Network Rail team on: 0845 604 4146.