Drivers and Conductors All Set for Railway Opening

ScotRail’s driver and conductor training on the new Borders Railway will come to an end this week when the last driver completes the route learning process.

Over 100 drivers and conductors have been trained on the route over the last 12 weeks which has seen the first trains running in the Borders in more than 40 years.

There were more than 2,200 applicants for the 36 new driver and conductor roles created by the opening of the line.

Ian Ritchie, Borders Railway Driver Instructor, said: “I’ve been working with ScotRail for 15 years and getting the position of Driver Instructor was really great for me.

“The training has been a brilliant experience for all the drivers, and it feels really special to be one of the first people to drive on the new line.”

Stuart Farrell, Borders Railway Driver, said: “It feels very special to be a part of history, and I feel really privileged to be one of the first drivers on the new line.

“The new railway will link the Borders with the rest of the country and - most importantly for me - it’ll give young people the chance to pursue careers and further education without having to move away from the Borders.”