De-vegetation works to clear the way for Borders Railway


Significant progress has been made with the second phase of vegetation removal works required along the route of the Borders Railway. In particular, significant works have taken place at Hardengreen, where a new bridge is to be constructed over the roundabout, and at Fountainhall and Falahill where new roads will be built.

De-vegetation works along the new Borders Railway route will become much more visible to local residents this month as tree removal work increases in pace along the line of route to Tweedbank.De -vegetation Works On Borders Railway _SML

De-vegetation of the railway line involves the removing of trees and other shrubs that are blocking the path for construction works to take place. The removal of vegetation is required to open up a safe working area for the construction of the railway, stations, bridges, new roads and working space for the contractors.

All de-vegetation activities undertaken throughout the Borders Railway project will be overseen by an Environmental Clerk of Works, who is on-site to ensure that every measure it taken to mitigate potential damage to the surrounding environment.

Craig Bowman, Communications Manager for the Borders Railway project said,

“The de-vegetation works highlight the significant progress of the railway at even this early stage. The project is committed to delivering appropriate landscaping and planting ahead of the opening of the railway in 2015.  We will continue to keep residents advised of upcoming work as construction moves forward.”

If you would like to find out more about the borders railway project and works in your local area, please visit: A second programme of community drop-in meetings will be held this spring and local residents are encouraged to attend.