City Bypass Excavation to Unlock Railway Access

Critical work has begun to unlock the southbound access for the new Borders Railway.

Network Rail and principal contractor, BAM, have begun to excavate through the A720 City Bypass near the Sheriffhall roundabout. Once the excavation has finished a bridge will then be built so that the railway can run underneath the dual carriageway. 

Sheriffhall Image

While this work goes ahead motorists are being diverted onto a temporary carriageway on the A720 Edinburgh City Bypass to the east of the Sheriffhall roundabout.

The new dual carriageway, which sits adjacent to the existing road, has been designed to provide four lanes of traffic, maintaining the existing capacity of the A720.

It is expected that the temporary road will be removed in May 2014, when bridge work under the bypass is completed.  

Hugh Wark, Project Director, Network Rail, said:  

“The excavation of the existing road and the construction of a bridge under the bypass will allow the new Borders Railway line to be up and running in summer 2015.

“We thank motorists for their patience over the last few weeks while temporary lane closures have been in place to allow us to open the new road.”