Borthwick Bridge Closed for Repairs

The Border Railway project has requested a closure of a masonry bridge in the Borthwick area (between Borthwick Castle and Colegate Road) after cracks were identified during a routine inspection last week.

This problem was identified following excavation work that took place to install gabion baskets, which will support the new railway cutting. Initial investigations indicate that the damage is linked to poor stability on one corner of the structure.

As a precautionary measure, BAM called Police Scotland and requested that the road was closed.

The condition of the bridge is being monitored whilst a design and construction solution which maintains the existing structure is developed. It is estimated that the closure will be in place for 3 months.

A formal road closure is now in place and the improvements to the traffic management and diversion plan will be implemented today (Thursday 8th May).

Hugh Wark, Project Director, Network Rail commented:

“We have been very fortunate that the condition of most of the old bridges along the route has been very good, however, in this instance it appears that a combination of our recent activity and local conditions has resulted in a crack in the masonry.

“We apologise for the impact of this unplanned closure and will make every effort to complete the necessary repairs and reopen the road as quickly as possible.”