Last week, @Liam_Beattie from Hawick provided us with great insights via our @BordersRailway account into how people throughout the Scottish Borders are benefiting from the new railway. Now in its second week of operation, Thomas Scott, Editor of @Penicuik_Cuckoo, will be travelling throughout Midlothian on the new line tomorrow (18th Sept) and taking over our Twitter account to capture the viewpoints and pictures of people throughout the local community.

Midlothian Takeover

Thomas will be visiting a number of locations throughout Midlothian, as well as chatting to new passengers on the Borders Railway. Watch out for Thomas at Edinburgh College Union, Newbattle Abbey, Dalkeith High School, Newtongrange Mining Museum, Borthwick Castle, Rosslyn Chapel and lots more places in-between!

Keep your eyes peeled for Thomas and tweet @BordersRailway to get in touch. All of Thomas’ tweets will be signed with ^TS, just in case we need to respond to any rail service queries.

Here’s a little a bit what the railway means to him.

Midlothian is an area of great natural beauty that has longed for the return of its railway lines.

Having spent the entirety of my eighteen years in Penicuik, Scotland’s largest town without a railway, my ability to commute has relied on the bus. Thankfully our services are regular and inexpensive but for much of the county, this is not the case.

However there is now great cause for celebration, not only in the east of Midlothian, but in its entirety, for a truly grassroots campaign has resulted in the recreation of arguably one of the country’s most sought after routes.

The Borders Railway will open up the county, giving us the opportunity to show everyone just why we love living here, be it our rolling hills, historical works of great architectural interest or our expanse range of independent restaurants and crafters.

For travellers and students it will also be a lifeline service to the capital, reducing journey times and cutting costs.  It is a very welcome addition; for commuters, for tourists and ultimately for Midlothian and South East Scotland.
We should all look forward to embracing it.


Tune into our Twitter takeover on @BordersRailway on Friday 18th September with Thomas Scott, Editor of the @Penicuik_Cuckoo.