Borders Railway Recycles Rubble for New Roads

The majority of materials removed from excavation works and blasting operations at Falahill are being recycled to help construct other parts of the new Borders Railway including new roads.


Since September this year, the project’s construction team have recycled approximately 145,000 tonnes of rock, which equates to approximately 3,500 tonnes a day.

The materials have been broken up for reuse at the project’s dedicated recycling plant which significantly reduces the need for materials to be delivered from out with the area.

The recycled materials will be used as sub-soil for road building, to stabilise slopes, retain walls and for the new railway bed.


Hugh Wark, Project Manager for Borders Railway, said:

“The Scottish Borders contains fantastic natural resources and we are determined to reuse as much of the material elsewhere on the line as we can.

“The process we have adopted in recycling the materials is very quick as we don’t have to rely on sourcing materials from another supplier. It also means less traffic being used for deliveries, thus reduces our carbon footprint. We are keen to take advantage of recycling whenever possible throughout the project.”