Advanced Work

Advanced -work

Advance work has been progressing quickly in the Midlothian area and January and February 2013 will see a marked increase of construction activity along the whole route of the Borders Railway.  The purpose of the advanced work is to prepare the available land for the main construction work. 

Advance works will include:

  • The removal of additional trees and vegetation along the railway corridor. 
  • A programme of further ground investigations, using mobile drilling rigs, to establish the type of ground and rock along the route of the railway.   
  • A range of engineering and environmental surveys to provide detailed information to support the development of the construction plan.
  • A programme of fencing work to secure the working areas.
  • The construction of access points to the railway corridor.   
  • The identification and protection of water, gas, private water supplies and other utilities.
  • Any work that is required to make the site safe and ready for civil engineering works.

Work commenced on 3 January 2013. Following this two month period of advance work, the main construction will begin in the spring and early summer of 2013.