50th anniversary of the Beeching Report

Fifty years ago today Dr Beeching first published his report which would lead to the closure of hundreds of miles of railway around Britain. The Waverley route between Carlisle and Edinburgh was one of the last closures identified as part of the Beeching Report. When it closed in 1969, many thought that trains would never run along the route again. Fifty years on since the publication, the Borders Railway project is once again on the verge of enabling trains to run through Midlothian and the Borders.

If you are interested in knowing more about the impact of the Beeching Report, the maps below show the rail network pre and post Beeching.

British -Rail -Passenger -Network -Map -1963_smaller

British -Rail -Passenger -Network -Map -1982---1983__Page _1-smaller

British -Rail -Passenger -Network -Map -1982---1983__Page _2-smaller2