A new open top bus tour shall arrive in the Scottish Borders, City Sightseeing Scottish Borders. Part of City Sightseeing Worldwide, and operated by Borders Buses, the hop on and hop off tour will allow visitors the opportunity to explore the many historical attractions and stunning views, which are making the Scottish Borders an increasingly popular tourist destination.

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The Grapevine Galashiels celebrated its first birthday in style this week with a series of special events including a gin and beer tasting event in partnership with Born in the Borders and the new Border Liliard Gin. Various delicious gin and ale with special ale and gin cocktails from the Borders were enjoyed by the happy patrons who attended the event.


Extending the Borders Railway will be one of the options considered by a new study looking at improving transport provision in the south of Scotland across all models including road, rail and public transport.

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Visitors to the oldest and most famous rugby sevens in the heart of the Scottish Borders are being urged to ditch the car and travel by train.


Tourism is not the only thing to have seen a boost since the opening of the Borders Railway. A number of Borders businesses have seen significant improvement and benefited directly from the opening of the new line.

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A proposal to create a hotel, restaurants and housing at the former Burgh Yard in Galashiels will now be taken forward after the missives for the sale of the site were concluded.