Watch: More Connected Chamber Event

Borders Railway was hailed for its role in stimulating business growth along the line at an event in Edinburgh yesterday, featuring speakers from three companies that are benefiting from improved transport links in the region.

Compered by Scottish Enterprise Chairman Bob Keiller, the gathering of fifty business leaders, entrepreneurs and others at the city’s Hilton Calton Hotel heard how the line was making it easier for firms to connect with customers, new markets and staff.

The event was hosted by Borders Railway in collaboration with the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce and featured talks from three businesses that have greatly benefited from the Borders Railway line.

Bob Keiller said: “The railway has brought huge potential to businesses in the Scottish Borders, Edinburgh and the Lothians. In the past, a lack of transport links had limited where people chose to work. The railway has opened up a world of options for them, as well as allowing direct links between these areas for businesses looking to grow across the region.

“The railway’s success is personified by the event’s speakers, all of whom have found the line to be instrumental in the flourishing of their businesses”

Borders Railway Inward Investment Manager, Phil Dibsdale, added: “The event was great for showcasing a range of success stories from along the line and it was inspiring for everyone there to hear first-hand from businesses that see the tangible benefits the railway has provided.

“In the month that the line celebrates its second anniversary, it’s incredible to think of how much of a difference it’s already made in such as short space of time. There is still a long way to go but the Borders Railway is definitely making the area more connected.”

Ed Monaghan of McTaggart and Mickel spoke about the how commercial development elements of the Shawfair project will open up opportunities for business investors and occupiers, and how important transport connectivity is to making a success of such initiatives.

Lynn Mann told the story of SuperNature Oils, including the significance of the railway in helping to establish and grow her business from a small-side project to an award-winning enterprise.

Andy Drane, Partner at Edinburgh-based legal firm Davidson Chalmers, explained how they are making the most of the Borders Railway and a growing SME client base in the Borders by taking up residents in Galashiels Transport Interchange building.