Ian Sandbrook

A regular commuter, New Zealander Ian Sandbrook travels from his home in the picturesque Scottish Borders village of Gattonside to Edinburgh for work.

Before the Borders Railway opened Ian would travel to the city by car or bus, with travel to and from his office taking anything between one and a quarter to over two hours each way.

The introduction of the new railway route has given him more time, allowing him to catch up on work while he travels and spends more time at home with his family. Ian also has more opportunities to enjoy post-work activities with colleagues and friends come 5pm, knowing that he will be able to get home if he decides to enjoy dinner or drinks in Edinburgh after work.

Ian explained: “Working for Cricket Scotland, the scope of my role means that travel is very much part of my job. From helping to develop cricket clubs all over Scotland to launching the Curriculum for Excellence Cricket Programme with Scotrail, having access to an efficient and well connected travel network to get around Scotland is essential.

“When traffic was bad on the roads I could often spend up to four hours travelling each day. Now I can travel straight to Edinburgh from Tweedbank, my nearest station, in just under an hour.

“Driving was becoming tedious and often tiring, but now I can make the most of the time I would have spent driving and catch up on emails and other work on the train.

“There are benefits from a social perspective too. I always had to dash off after work to beat the traffic or catch the last bus so that I didn’t get home too late or risk missing the last bus. Now I know there is a train every hour right up until just before midnight, and it means I can enjoy an evening out without worrying about how I will be getting home.