Dave Scott

Central-belt commuter Dave Scott, 38, moved to Galashiels with his wife back in 2012. Since the opening of the Borders Railway in September 2015, getting to and from work is now not only quicker, but has benefitted his social life, too. 

The Scotts were keen to have a better quality of life and made the move to the South of Scotland as they knew they would be able to benefit from the Borders Railway when it opened a few years later.

Dave, a Director of a Scottish charity, travels around Scotland for work and the introduction of the railway means that he now has access to quick, efficient public transport – something that is vital for his job. 

Previously, Dave used the bus network to connect to the Central Belt and further afield. The social aspect of the train, the improved work-life balance and the time that rail travel saves him are all reasons he is a strong supporter of the Borders Railway.

Dave tells us more: “Compared to the bus, the train is a quicker, more comfortable and a much more social way of travelling. It’s been phenomenally popular and is far and away the friendliest train service in Scotland. 

“Psychologically, it helps me feel more connected to the rest of Scotland and it means that we can travel to Edinburgh in the same time that it takes some people to travel across the city. From meeting friends in Edinburgh for drinks, to catching up in the Borders for dinner, it’s providing big social and economic stimulus for people across the region.

“It’s also the little things that count. We can now leave for a holiday on the morning of our departure rather than having to drive up the night before and stay in a hotel. It has definitely improved my quality of life and has saved time that I can now spend with my family. 

“The service starts earlier and finishes later, increasing my transport options for work and socialising. The line has opened the Borders up to the rest of Scotland and its’s amazing to hear the number of people who now feel they can simply hop on the train to come and see us compared to what felt like a whole day of driving. And it’s not just one way traffic as cynics predicted – people are also using the train to explore the Borders. Now we just need the line to connect to Carlisle!”