Annie Lewis

Professional singer Annie Lewis has been travelling from her home in Gorebridge, Midlothian to Edinburgh and Glasgow for work for years.

The classical singer used to drive to reach her pupils in the central belt. However with an ever-increasing volume of traffic on the roads and some recent problems with her vision, the opening of the Borders Railway has come at just the right time for this Midlothian singer.

Annie explains more: “Over the years the traffic in and around Edinburgh has become so busy, particularly the City Bypass and the City Centre. Then a few years ago I suffered a problem with my eyes which means that it can be difficult for me to drive, especially in the dark and when I’m tired.

“The opening of the Borders Railway has been a godsend. It’s marvellous to think that instead of anxiously planning the drive home after two three-hour rehearsal sessions I can instead sit back, relax enjoy the journey home!

“I used to plan my lessons to avoid the rush hour traffic which is horrendous, and this usually meant making sure I started later and finished earlier. Now I can be much more flexible when it comes to timetabling, and in fact it takes much less time to travel by train than by car to most of my classes.   

“And when it comes to the weekends, I still choose rail over road. My husband and I often use the Borders Railway to spend Saturdays in the city, and with Club 50 membership it works out cheaper than paying for parking when we’re visiting to meet family or friends. The journey is a real pleasure.”

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